Dragon Samurai

Where can i download Dragon Samurai?

For Android devices you can download it here: https://goo.gl/fa81c1

For IOS devices you can download it here: https://apple.co/2yYlswE


What is the system requirements for Dragon Samurai?

To run it in an Android Device it must have at least 1GB free storage, A dual core CPU 1.2GHZ and above. At least 1 GB of RAM and a GPU of equivalent to Andreno 305 or higher

For IOS Device, it requires IOS 8.0 or higher.


How big is the client of Dragon Samurai when installed?

It may take 550MB up to 600 MB depending on the device when installed and fully patched.


Is Dragon Samurai an Open World Game?

No it is a combination of both. Originaly Dragon Samurai is a dungeon and instanced based game however we added Open World features recently.


Is there a VIP System?

Yes there is a vip system up to level 12

It needs VIP Points to level up. 1 VIP POINTS = 1 DIAMONDS

You can earn VIP points everytime you purchase diamonds. Packages may give you VIP points but it is lower compared when you purchased diamonds.


I cant see my character i created using an IOS device in an Android device? (or vice versa)

You have to BIND your account in a FINGERMOTION account.

You can see this option when you tap your character portrait inside the game.

Once you binded. Use FINGERMOTION as the login method everytime you login from one device to another.